Making Baits & Taking Names

After a decade of playing around and having this great hobby, we put things into high gear!
Combining all we have learned, acquiring professional equipment and remembering to have fun - we have made the decision to grow!

  • Maren “Mazee” Gustafson

    Maren was the spark that got this all going years ago. You’ll see her at most of our shows and stopping over to help “package all the baits”.

    As you can see, she is an absolute delight and joy to be around.

    When she isn’t doing shows and packaging baits, Maren, is a 5th grade teacher.

  • Katie Haire

    Katie started out as the official photographer back in the day. Now, as a wife, mom, teacher and all around amazing woman, she is our CPD - “Certified Packaging Daughter”. Don’t know that that is on her LinkedIn profile:)

    It’s all hands on deck when we need to get these baits into all those little bags.

  • Jill Gustafson

    Pretty sure Jill wins the patience award. I mentioned this has been going on for a decade and that a lot of random baits on the floors over the years. Not to mention the trays and the smells and ……
    Jill has been instrumental in breathing new life into this venture. Creative, new perspectives and solid ideas on better ways of doing things. Best of all, we get to spend even more time together.

  • Joey Haire

    Our tech guy and all around thinker. Joey also tests new products and designs.
    Early on we needed some digital work done and he did an amazing job bringing our ideas into reality. Now he continues to keep things looking just right.

    In the picture is a wacky worm that his dad, Jim Haire, thought up over 50 years ago. Joey helped design it and bring it into reality. Believe this bait shall be called “Jimmers” after his dad.

  • Tyler Dahm

    Tyler is the newest (couple years) addition to our bait making world. He got his start doing shows and since has really made them a lot of fun. Since there’s nothing official, though we think of him as one of ours, he’s considered a “temp”. Maybe we’ll keep him - time will tell.

    He and Maren are a dynamic duo at shows and he can be found close to the bait making station too.

  • Paul Gustafson

    The one who took Maren’s idea and didn’t let it die. Roped all the above folks into this crazy world and believes it’s amazing.

    Paul designs, creates and makes the vast majority of the baits. You’ll also see him at the shows and of course - packaging baits.

    He wouldn’t be still doing this if it wasn’t for the dedication, patience and all around wonderfulness of this amazing crew.

  • Jig Mania Crew

    Even we need a break from the making, packaging and shows. A little getaway for all of us to Lake or the Ozarks. Yes, we caught some fish while we were there:) It was a close contest between Jill and Tyler. In the end, Tyler caught more and bigger fish.

    This is Jig Mania and we thank you for supporting our family venture!