Bobber Fry Jig Kit | 7 Colors


Fishing Kit contains: 7 jigs
Your purchase of this kit allows us to donate 1 jig.


Amazing detail on these Bobber Fry Jigs!
This is a complete set of 7 Bobber Fry Jigs – one in each color

Bobber Fry Jig Kit with #12 hook.

  • #12 hook
  • Great for Perch!
  • Great for Panfish!
  • Users use them for Bluegil, Trout and Bass

7 colors

  • Orange and Chartreuse
  • Black and Chartreuse
  • Blue and Chartreuse
  • Chartreuse
  • Pearl and Purple
  • Pearl and Chartreuse
  • Green and Chartreuse

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